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Corruption essay in english with outline | Top essay topics

Corruption essay in english with outline , Top essay topics

Essay On Corruption


  1. Definition of corruption (Firstly describe what Corruption is, it may be abuse of entrusted power)
  2. Essential components of corruption (Personal authority, Misbehavior conflicting, Pursuit of undue advantage and damages)
  3. Causes of corruption

Following are the main causes of corruption due to lack of

  • accountability
  • political institutions
  • basic facility of life
  • Low salaries
  • Bad governance
  • independence of judiciary
  • Political collusion
  • Absence of rule of law
  1. Findings of National Anti-Corruption Strategy
  2. Examples of corruption

There are various kinds/examples of corruption as under:-

  • Bribery
  • Cronyism
  • Nepotism
  • Parochialism
  • Extortion
  • Peddling
  • Graft
  • embezzlement
  • Patronage influence
  1. Effects of corruption on economic and social development
  2. Steps to curb corruption

Here are some suggestions to overcome corruption:

  • Increase salaries govt employees
  • Police reforms
  • financial management
  • Financial oversight
  • Independent Anti-Corruption Agencies
  • Speedy justice
  • Access to justice
  • Accountability courts
  • Role of NAB
  • Local government
  • Freedom of Media
  1. Conclusion


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