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Difficult vocabulary words with synonyms and antonyms

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Difficult vocabulary words with synonyms and antonyms

Best English Vocabulary Hard words with synonyms and antonyms. Learn new Difficult vocabulary words with synonyms and antonyms.

List of Hard Difficult English Vocabulary words with meaning, synonyms and antonyms:

  1. Saddle with (phrasal verb): Burden

Synonyms: Freight, Lumber, Burden, Laden, Encumber

Antonyms: Lighten, Disburden, Unload, Relieved

  1. Budge (verb): Make or cause to make

Synonyms: Locomote, Move, Shift, Stir

Antonyms: Stabilize, Freeze, Still, Stay

  1. Ramification (noun): A complex

Synonyms: Implication, Aftermath, Consequence, Repercussion, Result

Antonyms: Cause, Origin, Source

  1. Furtive (adjective): Done in a quiet

Synonyms: Clandestine, Surreptitious, Subterranean, Underhand, Sneaky

Antonyms: Above-Board, Forthright, Plainspoken, Undisguised

  1. Summon (verb): Order to be present.

Synonyms : Muster, Subpoena, Beckon, Call

Antonyms: Dismiss, Terminate, Send, Banish

  1. Protagonist (noun): The leading character

Synonyms:  Hero, Lead, Principal, Good Guy

Antonyms: Adversary, Antagonist, Opponent, Foe

  1. Inquisition (noun):  Long and ntensive questioning.

Synonyms: Interrogation, Questioning, Quizzing, Cross-Examination, Probing. Inquest

Antonyms: Answer, Reply, Respond, Rejoinder


  1. Feud (noun): Long bitter quarrel or dispute.

Synonyms: Vendetta, Bickering, Spat, Strife

Antonyms: Friendship, Comradeship, Amity, Camaraderie

  1. Engrave (noun): Cut or carve

Synonyms: Carve, Inscribe, Incise, Chisel, Etch, Imprint

Antonyms: Erase, Expunge, Obliterate

  1. Unravel (verb): To solve a crime or explain a mystery:

Synonyms: Decode, Decipher, Unriddle, Unknot

Antonyms: Puzzle, Entangle, Enmesh

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