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English Grammar in Use with Answers By Raymond Murphy | Free English PDF eBooks

This is very unique and popular book since 1985 when It’s first edition was published in UK. This book is also specially used in non-English-speaking countries there students also used it as a reference book and this is very fruitful in their practice for learning English. This book is also known as as a self-study reference and highly recommend for competitive as well as academic high classes exams across the world. You can download this book freely from given link below and use it in daily to improve your writing and spoken skills effectively.

Main Contents of this book:-

  1. Introduction
  2. Tenses
  3. Modal verbs
  4. Conditionals
  5. Passive
  6. Reported speech
  7. Questions
  8. Articles
  9. Relative clauses
  10. Adjective and adverbs
  11. word order
  12. Etc…..

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