Improve & Expand Your Vocabulary

English Synonyms and Antonyms to Expand Your Vocabulary

Here is a list of top 10 English vocabulary words with meaning, Synonyms and Antonyms for competitive  and academic as well as spoken English use to expand your vocabulary skills and improve your writing ability.

  1. WHITTLE (VERB): diminish
    Synonyms: lessen, decrease 
    Antonyms: increase, destroy 
  2. HOSTILITY (NOUN): antagonism:
    Synonyms: aggression, meanness 
    Antonyms: friendship, goodwill 
  3. EVOKE (VERB): induce:
    Synonyms: arouse, stimulate 
    Antonyms: calm, repress 
  4. MOLLYCODDLE (VERB): pamper
    Synonyms: overprotect, cater to 
    Antonyms: ignore, neglect 
    Synonyms: adverse, antipathetic 
    Antonyms: agreeable, friendly 
  6. REVOCATION (NOUN): annulment
    Synonyms: abrogation, cancellation 
    Antonyms: approval, confirmation 
  7. RAVE (VERB): extol
    Synonyms: acclaim, eulogize 
    Antonyms: criticize, condemn 
  8. INDELIBLE (ADJECTIVE): indestructible
    Synonyms: enduring, lasting 
    Antonyms: strong, healthy 
  9. SPEARHEAD (VERB): lead
    Synonyms: initiate, launch 
    Antonyms: end, finish 
  10. IMPOUND (VERB): confine
    Synonyms: imprison, seize 
    Antonyms: free, let go 

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