Ghanaian Poor Man Spotted a Drone and Wish

Turkey Al- Hassan Abdullah is a poor Ghanaian townie whose story went viral on Turkish social media. A lemon news channel was recording a videotape with their drone and ultimately, this drone fell in front of this old man’s house. The intelligencer ran to get the drone back and saw it in the aged man’s hand.

He innocently asked the Turkish film crew flying a drone with a camera in his vill in Ghana if they had “ a bigger one of this that would take him to( Saudi Arabia) ” where millions of Muslims go every time for the hajj, the periodic Muslim passage. As his story went viral on social media, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu interposed and helped arrange a hajj trip for Abdullah, who’s impoverished.

Ghanaian-Poor- Man- Spotted-a-Drone-and-Wish

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On Friday, he arrived in Istanbul from Accra and was ate by a Turkish charity whose work focuses on Ghana.

Abdullah told Anadolu Agency( AA) that he was pleased to be in Istanbul and it was God who blessed him with this favor from Turkey. “ I’m thankful to God and I supplicate to everyone who helped this dream come true. Turkish state’s backing is precious for me and I believe this will help ameliorate fellowship, and brotherhood between Muslims, ” he said.

Abdullah’s story made the captions after a TRT World hand twittered the image. “ also, people started to seek a way to reach out to him, from businesspeople to companies. Eventually, a Turkish police officer from the Turkish delegacy in Ghana communicated him. He says, he’s thankful to the Turkish people.

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