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Gift vs Present vs Donation | Word Usage Tips | Learn their usage in sentences to build your vocabulary

13 Word Usage Tips gift, Present
Word Usage Tips – tips on correct word usage, In this article you are going to learn (Gift vs Present vs Donation) and their usage in sentences.

How to use Gift, Present and Donation correctly:

The gift is an act of generosity or condescension. It contributes to the benefit of the receiver. The present kindness, courtesy or respect which contributes to the pleasure of the receiver. The gift passes from the rich to the poor, from the high to the low and creates an obligation. As a gift creates an obligation a phrase has emerged: ‘Do not look a gift horse in the mouth’ which means: ‘Do not and fault with a gift. We look a horse in the mouth to determine its age from the number of its teeth. The ‘present’ passes either between equals or from the inferior to the superior, Whatever weave from God we call  a gift; whatever things we receive from our friends or whatever princes receive from their subjects are called presents The value of a if is often heightened by being given opportunely; the value of often depends upon the esteem we have for the giver. The smallest present from an esteemed friend is of more worth than the costliest presents that sharecrop fro her iteration s. A donation is always a gift made to a present public charity or other institution.


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