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How to prepare essay outlines? | Easy Ways to Write an Essay Outline | Tips

Easy Ways to Write an Essay Outline:

How to prepare essay outlines? If you are going to write an essay firstly, you have to write an essay outline which start with a section (A) about your introduction which includes an introductory sentences and thesis statement related to topic. After that start section (B) related to body of your essay that Contemporary situation, Causes, Effects, Suggestions and Bright future etc. In the end last section (C) that is called conclusion.

How to prepare essay outlines?

Here is some basic tips and tricks that how to prepare essay outlines for your school level exams or advanced level such as college and university exams as well as academic or jobs related exams. How to prepare essay outlines, please follow instruction given below as:-

  • Identify your purpose of writing an essay.
  • Develop your thesis statement.
  • Think a structure for an easy outline structure in your mind (brainstorming)
  • Make an imagination of how your essay will look like.
  • Organized the Information of Your Essay Outline in a sequence.
  • Make a logical sequence and check the relevancy of the points.
  • Divide outline sequence in three parts start with Introduction, main body and end with conclusion.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing an Essay:

Essay writing is an art and every art has some Do’s and Don’ts which mentioned under as:-

  • Calm and control your nerves
  • Relax yourself
  • Release the pressure on your brain before stating an essay.
  • Recall your motive and stick to it.
  • Read carefully and find the key words and basic theme of the essay.
  • Analyze the essay with brainstorming
  • Make a clear mindset like the topic.
  • Collect the relevant points in your brain and write them in a sequence on the rough work sheet.
  • If you are confused in 2 topics then first brainstorm on both and select the one with more data in your mind.

Top 10 tips to write an excellent essay:

Follow these 10 tips to write an excellent essay and Stick to the basics:

  1. Use grammatically correct tenses.
  2. Make variation in Vocabulary words.
  3. Create a catchy Sentence structure.
  4. Apply basic rules Parts of speech in your writing.
  5. Develop Coherence in paragraphs.
  6. Stick to the Basic theme of topic.
  7. Pick the Topic of the essay smartly.
  8. Create Relevancy in sentences.
  9. Put Updates data, facts, reports, living examples, past examples etc.
  10. Must begin with Introduction and end with conclusion.

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