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Important vocabulary words with meanings, synonyms and antonyms, Day-15 | Exam Vocab

Top vocabulary words Day-15

Vocabulary words with meanings, synonyms and antonyms, Day-15 | Exam Vocab.

  1. OBVIATE (VERB): make unnecessary

Synonyms: forestall, preclude

Antonyms: assist, help

  1. ARROGATE (VERB): claim without justification

Synonyms: pre-empt, expropriate

Antonyms: refuse, reject

  1. WARM TO (VERB): begin to like

Synonyms: feel a fondness for, feel attracted to

Antonyms: to feel intense distaste and aversion, disgust

  1. CONSTRAINT (NOUN): pressure

Synonyms: restraint, coercion

Antonyms: freedom, liberty

  1. AFTERMATH (NOUN): outcome

Synonyms: results, consequences

Antonyms: origin, source

  1. DISPEL (VERB): dismiss

Synonyms: eliminate, oust

Antonyms: allow, welcome

  1. HARROWING (ADJECTIVE): dangerous

Synonyms: nerve-racking, terrifying

Antonyms: calming, unfrightening

  1. RIG (VERB): manipulate

Synonyms: influence, gerrymander

Antonyms: approve, purify

  1. SNARE (NOUN): bait

Synonyms: trap, gin

Antonyms: repulsion, frankness

  1. LIE IN (VERB): display public

Synonyms: manifest, demonstrate

Antonyms: distort, misrepresent

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