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Important vocabulary words with meanings, synonyms and antonyms, Day-17 | Exam Vocab

Top vocabulary words Day-17

Important Vocabulary words with meanings, synonyms and antonyms, Day-17 | Exam Vocab.

  1. ETHOS (NOUN): ideology

Synonyms: mentality, mindset

Antonyms: body, physicality

  1. PENITENCE (NOUN): anguish

Synonyms: attrition, contriteness

Antonyms: delight, joyfulness

  1. LAG (VERB): delay

Synonyms: dally, dawdle

Antonyms: develop, expand

  1. GLARINGLY (ADVERB): glitteringly

Synonyms: brilliantly, splendidly

Antonyms: darkly, dully

  1. TREASURY (NOUN): bank

Synonyms: cache, hoard

Antonyms: debt, credit

  1. UNSCATHED (ADJECTIVE): unharmed

Synonyms: unhurt, uninjured

Antonyms: hurt, harmed

  1. BOGUS (ADJECTIVE): fake

Synonyms: fictitious, counterfeit

Antonyms: actual, factual

  1. ROTE (NOUN): learning

Synonyms: memory, memorizing

Antonyms: ignorance, disregard

  1. RAMPANT (ADJECTIVE): uncontrolled

Synonyms: flagrant, prevalent

Antonyms: restrained, controlled

  1. DOCK (VERB): land on the waterfront

Synonyms: anchor, moor

Antonyms: divide, separate

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