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Important vocabulary words with meanings, synonyms and antonyms, Day-19 | Exam Vocab

Top vocabulary words Day-19

Top 10 Most Important Vocabulary words with meanings, synonyms and antonyms, Day-19 | Exam Vocab.

  1. CRIPPLE (VERB): debilitate
    Synonyms: undermine, paralyze
    Antonyms: help, assist
  2. ABSOLUTE (ADJECTIVE): unconditional
    Synonyms: free, unabridged
    Antonyms: limited, conditional
  3. RESILIENCE (NOUN): flexibility
    Synonyms: elasticity, pliancy
    Antonyms: obduracy, rigidity
  4. HARVEST (NOUN): accumulate
    Synonyms: amass, collect
    Antonyms: approval, sanction
  5. BOUNTIFUL (ADJECTIVE): abundant
    Synonyms: ample, lavish
    Antonyms: meagre, scarce
  6. IMPERATIVE (ADJECTIVE): compulsory
    Synonyms: essential, crucial
    Antonyms: inessential, unimportant
  7. LACK (NOUN): absence
    Synonyms: dearth, inadequacy
    Antonyms: affluence, abundance
  8. VARIATION (NOUN): alteration
    Synonyms: deviation, disparity
    Antonyms: similarity, likeness
    Example Sentence:
    Regional variations are seen in spoken language.
  9. APPREHENSIVE (ADJECTIVE): anxious Synonyms: doubtful, jittery
    Antonyms: certain, confident
  10. SPUR (NOUN): activation
    Synonyms: catalyst, excitant
    Antonyms: prevention, curb
    Example Sentence:
    Wars act as a spur to real invention.

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