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Important vocabulary words with meanings, synonyms and antonyms, Day-20 | Exam Vocab

Top vocabulary words Day-20

Top Vocabulary words with meanings, synonyms and antonyms, Day-20 | Exam Vocab.

  1. WINSOME (ADJECTIVE): charming
    Synonyms: appealing, delightful
    Antonyms: repulsive, unattractive
    Synonyms: enigmatic, puzzling
    Antonyms: determined, unambiguous
  3. AGONY (NOUN):  suffering
    Synonyms: anguish, torment
    Antonyms: contentment, comfort
  4. SUBDUED (ADJECTIVE):  quiet/controlled
    Synonyms: hushed, muted
    Antonyms: boisterous, communicative
  5. UPRISING (NOUN):  mutiny
    Synonyms: rebellion, revolt
    Antonyms: harmony, obedience
  6. AUGMENT (VERB):  expand
    Synonyms: enlarge, amplify
    Antonyms: diminish, decrease
  7. COERCION (NOUN): compulsion
    Synonyms: intimidation, duress
    Antonyms: freedom, liberty
  8. DEPLOY (VERB):  to position/arrange/utilize
    Synonyms: station, organize
    Antonyms: remove, reposition
  9. AMBIDEXTROUS (ADJECTIVE):  able to use both hands well; very skillful
    Synonyms: versatile, facile
    Antonyms: clumsy, maladroit

10. EXPLICIT (ADJECTIVE): specific
Synonyms: unambiguous, precise
Antonyms: unreliable, vague

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