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Important vocabulary words with meanings, synonyms and antonyms, Day-29 | Exam Vocab

Top vocabulary words Day-19

Exam Vocabulary with meanings, synonyms and antonyms, Day-29.

1.DISSEMINATE (VERB): distribute
Synonyms: scatter, circulate
Antonyms: conceal, hide

  1. ENGROSS (VERB): bewitch
    Synonyms: captivate, enrapture
    Antonyms: disenchant, disgust
  2. COUNTERMAND (VERB): annul
    Synonyms: override, repeal
    Antonyms: approve, permit
  3. CHARY (ADJECTIVE): canny
    Synonyms: careful, cautious
    Antonyms: incautious, heedless
  4. PURVIEW (NOUN): ken Synonyms: acumen, apprehension
    Antonyms: misconception, misinterpretation
  5. PROFANE (ADJECTIVE): blasphemous
    Synonyms: indecent, irreverent
    Antonyms: reverent, respectful
  6. NEGATE (VERB): contradict
    Synonyms: annihilate, belie
    Antonyms: allow, approve
  7. ABNEGATION (NOUN): refusal
    Synonyms: rejection, forbearance
    Antonyms: sanction, allowance
  8. IMPECUNIOUS (ADJECTIVE): poverty-stricken
    Synonyms: penniless, poor
    Antonyms: wealthy, rich

10. DOLOROUS (ADJECTIVE): miserable
Synonyms: anguished, calamitous
Antonyms: cheery, hopeful

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