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Important Exam Vocabulary with meanings, synonyms and antonyms, Day-30.

  1. IRE (NOUN): fury
    Synonyms: annoyance, exasperation
    Antonyms: calm, comfort
  2. SNARE (VERB): entrap
    Synonyms: catch, seize
    Antonyms: release, liberate
  3. OPPRESS (VERB): subdue
    Synonyms: torment, trample
    Antonyms: encourage, aid
  4. CANNY (ADJECTIVE): clever
    Synonyms: dexterous, adroit
    Antonyms: foolish, idiotic
    Synonyms: timid, hesitant
    Antonyms: confident, brave
  6. UPTIGHT (ADJECTIVE): nervous
    Synonyms: nervy, edgy
    Antonyms: unworried, composed
  7. DRIP (VERB): drop:
    Synonyms: dribble, drizzle
    Antonyms: collect, pour
  8. PERVADE (VERB): spread through
    Synonyms: infuse, permeate
    Antonyms: block, hinder
  9. KUDOS (NOUN): praise
    Synonyms: applause, eminence
    Antonyms: condemnation, denunciation

10. CHASM (NOUN): difference
Synonyms: discord, dissension
Antonyms: harmony, peace

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