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Here is quick review of this book (Oxford practice grammar) which is offers excellent materials included a large variety of grammatical topics. Every chapter started with detailed explanation with examples. So it is very useful book for self-study. Following are the main contents of this book


  • Introduction
  • Words and sentences
  • Word classes: (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc)
  • Sentence structure: (subject, verb, object, etc)
  • Direct and indirect
  • The present continuous
  • The present simple
  • Present continuous or simple?
  • State verbs and action verbs
  • Present tenses
  • The past simple
  • The past continuous
  • Past continuous or simple?
  • Past simple and past continuous
  • Introduction to the future
  • Will and shall
  • Be going to
  • Will and be going to
  • Present tenses for the future
  • Short forms, e.g it’s, don’t
  • Emphatic do
  • Will, would, shall and should
  • It may/could/must have been, etc
  • Modal verbs
  • The passive
  • Passive verb forms
  • Active and passive (1)
  • Active and passive (2)
  • Special passive structures
  • Have something done
  • To be done and being done

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