Exam Vocabulary

Test your Vocabulary Day-1 | Vocabulary quiz with answers

Q1. Choose the Synonym of ‘SUBTLETY’
(a) even
(b) uniform
(c) distinction
(d) simple

Q2. Choose the Antonym of ‘MOTLEY’
(a) assorted
(b) disparate
(c) different
(d) homogenous

Q3. Choose the Synonym of ‘MELLIFLUOUS’

(a) Smooth
(b) honeyed
(c) discordant
(d) cacophonous

Q4. Choose the Antonym of ‘LEEWAY’
(a) Restrictions
(b) freedom
(c) space
(d) change

Q5. Choose the Synonym of ‘INCANTATION’
(a) Words
(b) Enchantment
(c) Reality
(d) Actuality

Q6. Choose the Antonym of ‘JITTERS’
(a) Nervousness
(b) Anxiety
(c) nerves
(d) calmness

Q7. Choose the Synonym of ‘PEDIGREE’
(a) genealogy
(b) lowly

(c) base
(d) born

Q8. Choose the Antonym of ‘PUNITIVE’
(a) Punishing
(b) Disciplinary
(c) Beneficial
(d) vindictive

Q9. Choose the Synonym of ‘PALPABLE’
(a) Concealed
(b) Dubious
(c) Obvious
(d) Shifted

Q10. Choose the Antonym of ‘SUNDRY’
(a) assorted
(b) individual
(c) miscellaneous
(d) unrelated


Q1- (d)
Q2- (d)
Q3- (b)
Q4- (a)

Q5- (b)
Q6- (d)
Q7- (a)
Q8- (c)
Q9- (c)
Q10- (b)

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