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Vocabulary words with Meaning, Synonym, Antonym and Sentence | Vocabulary words pdf

New Vocabulary words Flashcards and  pdf

Here you can learn today’s top 20 vocabulary words with Meaning in Urdu/English, Synonym, Antonym and Sentence which are very important words for everyone who want to improve and develop their advanced vocabulary words memory. You may download these vocabulary words in flashcards either one by one or in pdf booklet from given link at the bottom. We also created script of these important vocabulary words.

New Vocabulary words Script as under

  • Attic بالائی کمرہ – room just below a house’s roof.
  • chunk بڑا حصہ – solid piece of something.
  • civic بلدیاتی
  • Descent اُترائی – movement downwards.
  • din شور جیسی تیز آواز – unpleasant
  • dissatisfy مُطمعِن نہ ہونا – fail to please them.
  • fuss  ذہنی پریشانی , اَفراتَفری – annoyed behavior
  • gourmet کھانے پینے کا خیال رکھنے والا – more expensive than regular food.
  • Hence چنانچہ ,یوں – happens as a result of something
  • intrinsic اصلئ  – basic nature of that thing.
  • kettle کیتلی – large metal pot
  • ministry وزارت – government department.
  • Ordeal کٹھن – bad experience.
  • outspoken صاف گو – not afraid to say what they think.
  • Overwork طاقت سے زیادہ کام لینا – tired with too much work.
  • particular کوئی خاص خُوبی
  • pungent  تُند و     , تیز – sharp.
  • snore خُراٹے لینا – a loud noise
  • Soundly پُوری طرح
  • Superintendent منتظم

Vocabulary words Flashcards

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