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What is an Adjective | Types of Adjectives | Parts of speech

Parts of Speech, Adjective


  • A word which is used to add something to the meaning of noun


  1.  Ali is a BRAVE boy.
  2. There are FOUR girls in the room
  3. Arsalan gave me FIVE mangoes
  4. There is a LITTLE TIME for preparation

Attributive quality

  • The boy is LAZY
  • Asad is a BRAVE boy

Predictive quality

  • Alina is AFRAID of ghosts
  • I hope my friend will play in the game well.

Kinds of adjective

Adjectives of quality or discriptive adjective

  • Kolkata is a LARGE city.
  • He is an HONEST man.

Proper adjective

Adjectives formed from PROPER NOUN are called PROPER ADJECTIVE

for example



  • How much ?
  • Ali has lost ALL his pocket money.
  • You have no sense.
  • Nawazish did not eat any candies.

Adjective of number

  • I have FIVE FINGERS in my hand.
  • Ali has TEN CHOCOLATES in his bag.
  • MOST boys like cricket.

Numeral adjective

  • Which denote an exact number.
  • Cardinal (how many in number): One,two,three
  • Ordinal ( order of things ): first, second, third

Indefinite numeral number

  • Which do not denote an exact number.

>>>> few , certain, any

Distributive numeral adjectives

  • Which refers to each one of a number

>>>>> each boy must take his turn

>>>>> neither accusation is true

>>>>> either of the two points are correct

Demonstrative adjective

  • Points out which person or thing is meant

>>>> these mangoes are sweet

>>>> this is an expired medicine

Interrogative adjectives

  • What, which, whose ?

>>> whose book is this ?

>>> which time is suitable for lunch ?

Exclamatory adjective

  • What an idea !
  • What a blessing !

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