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Word Usage Tips | Authentic vs Genuine | Learn their usage in sentences to build your vocabulary

8 Word Usage Tips Authentic, Genuine
Word Usage Tips – tips on correct word usage, In this article you are going to learn (Authentic vs Genuine ) and their usage in sentences.

Authentic Vs Genuine

Difference between authentic and genuine :

A genuine work (Book) is that which is written by the person whose name

it bears as its author. An authentic work (B…) is that which relates matters of

fact as they really happened. It is based on factual truth. A book may be

genuine without being authentic and a work (B…) may be authentic

being genuine. Anson’s Voyage may be considered to be an authentic book

because it contains, a true narrative of the events record

not a genuine book because it was not written by Walter to whom it is

ascribed but was written by another person named Robins.

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