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Word Usage Tips | Civil, Polite, Courteous, Polished and Well-bred | Learn their usage in sentences to build your vocabulary

9 Word Usage Tips Civil, Polite, Courteous, Polished, Well-bred

Word Usage Tips – tips on correct word usage, In this article you are going to learn (Civil, Polite, Courteous, Polished and Well-bred) and┬átheir usage in sentences.

Civility is something less than politeness or courtesy. It implies that

attention to other which is absolutely necessary. A man of culture must

possess civility. The deterrence between courtesy on the one hand and

politeness’ and ‘polish‘ on the other is, that courtesy has more reference to

others while politeness refers to ourselves. Courtesy requires that we must

apologies to others for the wrongs we have done them. Politeness is a

marked feature of a gentleman’s character. Polish refers even mare

completely to ourselves than politeness. A man of polished manners is

loved by all. Well-bred implies. general propriety of behavior. A well

bred person will behave politely towards others.

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