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Word Usage Tips | Contentment vs Satisfaction | Learn their usage in sentences to build your vocabulary

10 Word Usage Tips contentment, Satisfaction
Word Usage Tips – tips on correct word usage, In this article you are going to learn (Contentment vs Satisfaction) and their usage in sentences.

Contentment Vs Satisfaction

How to use Contentment and Satisfaction correctly:

A contented man does not indulge in fruitless wishes for what is

beyond his reach. His desires are limited by what he possesses.

Satisfaction implies more. It means that we have obtained all that we

want, not that our desires are limited, but that they have been gratified. A

poor and needy man may be contented, but he cannot feel satisfied with

his condition unless he happens to be a person with the outlook of a saint,

When applied to conduct ‘satisfaction’ indicates ‘approbation’ as Your

behavior gives me great satisfaction’.

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